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Magnolia ‘Darjeeling’, sourced by Hilliers from the original tree in the Darjeeling Botanic Garden, India

The woodland at the top of the arboretum offers ideal conditions for testing the hardiness of new species and hybrids in South East England, from species rhododendrons (such as R. ellipticum, R. grande, R. sinogrande, R. falconeri, triflorums, and many others) and species camellias (such as C. trichocarpa, C. pitardii, C. bailenshanica, C. tunganica, and other species japonicas and small-leaved varieties) as well as Maurice Foster’s hydrangea walk, the result of his H. serrata breeding for the past three decades for compact form and intense colour, as shade-loving plants for ideal for underplanting.

Camellia pitardii var. yunnanica
WHF H. serrata seedling 42
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