Articles by Maurice Foster


‘The Unresolved Question of Magnolia Sinensis
RCM Yearbook 2022

‘Planting an Idea’: Maurice Foster asks should more be done to reconcile good taxonomic practice with the needs of gardeners?
Plant Review, June 2022

Elegant Yellow Flowering Shrubs‘ (on overlooked yellow roses)
Historic Roses Journal No. 63 Spring 2022

‘Trumpeting spring’ (on early species rhododendrons)
RCM bulletin 138, March 2022

Viburnum plicatum‘: Plant Profile
The Garden, May 2021

Sorbus megalocarpa lives up to its name’
MF highlights the many fine features of this tree, but underlines the need to choose the most suitable variety.
The Plant Review, March 2021

A Genuinely Evergreen Rose’
MF untangles the history of Rosa longicuspis and admires this exuberant plant.
The Plant Review, Sept 2020

‘Elusive Titans of the Trees: the Synstylae group’ (climbing roses)
Historic Roses Journal, Autumn 2020

‘Monkeytail Tales: Carpinus fangiana
MF describes a hornbeam with a difference
and discusses its occurrence in the wild and
in cultivation
The Plant Review, March 2020

Meliodendron xylocarpum: a new star’
MF writes about the flowering and propagation
of this Chinese species related to Styrax
IDS Yearbook 2020

‘In praise of Camellia trichocarpa(unexpectedly hardy)
RCM bulletin 131, Nov 2019

‘Conspicuous and distinguished’: MF discusses
the virtues of Pterocarya macroptera var. insignis
The Plantsman, June 2019

‘The Old Contemptibles Hold the Line’: on Hardy Hybrid Rhododendrons
RCM Yearbook 2019

‘Always the Bridesmaid’: overlooked members of the genus Staphylea’
The Plantsman, December 2018

‘Matching New Zealand Colour Quality in Magnolias
RCM bulletin, March 2018

A Glimpse of the Future: Notes on Some Less Familiar Camellia Species in Cultivation’
RCM Yearbook 2017

‘Like a Hover of Butterflies’: Hydrangea serrata
To many, the filigree flowerheads of H. serrata in a range of colours from bright scarlet through to blue, make them more refined shrubs than ‘mophead’ hydrangeas.
The Garden, July 2016

Hydrangea aspera and its relatives’
Despite difficulties with classification, this species and
its close relatives have yielded excellent garden plants,
The author grows most of them and has raised a few
new ones himself.
The Plantsman, June 2014

Hydrangea involucrata and its cultivars’
A resurgence of new cultivars is helping restore the
reputation of this Japanese hydrangea. MF, who grows
most of them, compares the new with the old.
The Plantsman, June 2015

The best yellow magnolias‘ MF with Koen Camelbeke
Yellow magnolias have been available for 50 years and the range is slowly expanding. KC and MF select the best ten for gardens.
The Plantsman, June 2015

Magnolias in Art and Cultivation’
RCM Yearbook 2012

‘Summer-flowering Oyama Magnolias
MF surverys a select group of magnolias and makes the case to recognise one of them at species level
The Plantsman, Dec 2011

New evergreen magnolias: comments from UK growers’
with Mike Robinson and John Marston
RCM Yearbook 2008

Magnolia Kobus: a Dwarfing Understock?’
Magnolia Society Newsletter, no. 69
Spring/summer 2001

‘Wilson’s Aristocrats’
Historic Roses Journal, 2000

‘Tour of Yunnan 1993’
RCM Newsletter, April 1994

‘Notes on the Flowering of Magnolia Campbelli
RCM Yearbook 1996

‘Some developments in Magnolias for the Garden’
Combined Porceedings of the International Plant Propagators Society, Vol. 40, 1990


REVIEW of Der Maxwald Park – Ein authentisches englisches Rhododendron Woodland und ein Woodland Garden
by Eberhard Pühl

RCM bulletin 137, Nov 2021

‘The New Golden Age of Woody Plants’
IDS Lecture (on zoom), Feb 2020

‘Hydrangeas for a Cold Climate’
Newfoundland Horticultural Society, 2018

REVIEW of My Life with Plants
by Roy Lancaster
HORTUS 122, Summer 2017

‘Maples from Cuttings’
for the International Dendrology Society, at Hergest
2016 (reprinted in the Maple Society Magazine)

‘Some Rose Species of Western China and the Himalya’
For the World Federation of Rose Societies, Glasgow
Oct 2001

‘Magnolia Campbelli Alba in Bhutan’
for the International Magnolia Society (reprinted in journal)

‘How to Design a Garden: the Plantsman Artist’

‘Magnolias: Gaining from Cuttings’
talk given at Wisley

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